Backstage Music Jewelry is part of Backstage Attitudes Company. We carry solid .925 sterling silver in basic designs or with genuine stones and Swarovski crystals. It's the perfect gift for a music fan, musician, music teacher, deejay, studio/ radio personnel, stage crew or anyone in the entertainment industry - onstage or off stage!

​​ Backstage Attitudes was created as "Moon's Jewelry" when the owner worked in an upscale Memphis store with a large Musician base. Many of the Muscians wanted music themed jewelry that wouldn't clash with their expensive stage clothes at a time when most music jewelry was made of metal alloy. A Sterling Jewelry Line was created, Special Orders came in and Moon's Jewelry grew to 5 more upscale boutiques. With a background in music themed merchandising, stage apparel and concert lighting, the owner then took Metal Craft/Casting classes at The Memphis College of Art and managed a fine jewelry store.
In 2005 after moving to Florida and partnering with a touring Audio Engineer who had 30 years of touring with the top musicians and in Theater, the store went online as "Backstage Attitudes". Many of the design ideas come from "backstage" by people in the industry adding "attitude" to the jewelry for any wardrobe.

​ The Backstage Attitudes mission is to offer unique, quality jewelry to promote music awareness and support Music and The Arts with music fans and others in the entertainment Industry. Customer Service is a priority and "What's backstage stays backstage" so customer information is never exchanged or revealed. Don't hesitate to contact the Backstage crew if you have a certain item in mind. If they don't have it, they'll be happy to let you know where you might find it.