Privacy-Cookie Notice

Cookies help our customers have a better shopping experience by remembering which pages they visited so they can search throughout our website. Cookies store the page info so that when you click the Back button it will refresh the page you just went to and what State/ Country you're from so you're quoted the correct shipping rate. We use the minimum amount of cookies needed and never sell or exchange any of your information. We respect your privacy and even when you leave feedback we only use your initials, City and State/ Country.

Our site is secured by a shared SSL certificate through our webhosts' Server. You can check this by noticing a padlock icon in your Url/ address bar. A padlock is important on the checkout portion of any website because you will be typing your Information. Some places do not have it on other pages because there is no personal information involved in browsing a catalog.

Your actual checkout is done on Paypal for extra Security. You do not need a Paypal account to checkout out and you can use any credit card that we take: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.
We recommend opening a Paypal account eventually because it is better to have them hold your credit card number instead of passing your credit card number around the internet at every place you shop. Online stores will never see which credit card you used, just "Paypal" as payment. Think of it as having a password in the cloud.