MUSIC JEWELRY- Rock, Metal, Jazz to Blues for  Musicians, fans and Crew.

Support Music & The Arts like you do your fav Sports teams.

Whether they're a Musician, DJ, Audio Engineer, in Broadcasting or on Broadway, you'll find a gift for those On stage, Off Stage and Backstage.

We are ""  ( not to be confused with sites about gig jobs or wrestling) and we offer fine music themed jewelry right here in our Backstage Music Jewelry store. 
Vocalists  and Drummers both enjoy percussion jewelry like our maracas, tambourine earrings, cowbell necklaces and drumset/ drumstick necklaces and earrings. Our Guitar jewelry, microphone necklaces, woodwind, instrument, bass clef jewelry and unique music jewelry range from elegant to Rock styles in solid .925 Sterling silver. No plating. No kidding.

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Backstage Attitudes jewelry and it's components are made in the USA Exceptions: JD designs, Swarovski crystals (Austria), and chains (Italy).