Our Mission: To celebrate all genres of Music and support Music & The Arts

Backstage Attitudes was created to carry quality music themed jewelry, believing in Quality not Quantity. You won't find silver plated, silver pewter or metal alloy jewelry from China or other Countries that you'd find at the Mall Rock shop. BackstageAttitudes jewelry is 90% Made in America- the exceptions being Swarovski crystals (Austria) Chains (Italy) and stones which are mined in other countries though we purchase them in the United States. Backstageattitudes Jewelry is 100% handcrafted in Florida.


 Created during the 1980's Punk Rock/ New Wave era in  Memphis, TN , "Moon's Jewelry" had jewelry in eight boutiques with a musician clientele while also owning a small stage lighting business, "Moon Lighting" (not to be confused with MoonSHINE Lighting). Bands and fans gave further exposure to the jewelry in small Live Music clubs at a time when acts like REM, RHCP and Green Day played small venues that held under 400 people.

 Metal Craft Casting classes followed at The Memphis College of Art leading to managing a fine jewelry store by the time the Grunge Era came along.  Shortly after came a move to Orlando, FL and 5 years of music themed merchandising at The House of Blues Store and working Band Merch at major concerts there. In 2005, Moon's Jewelry reinvented itself and partnered with an Audio Engineer who'd toured with the top musicians and artists for 30 years. "Backstage Attitudes" was launched online, taking the name from their years in the music industry and offering quality music themed jewelry to reflect the talents and personalities of Musicians and their fans.